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Neville Bassey is a singer & song writer living in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. His musical journey began in the early eighties when he migrated to Canada from Jamaica and aligned himself with members of a local band called "Profile". This served to be the basis of his musical education as he learned how to play the guitar and became one with it. Neville was a fast learner and a natural, which earned him the respect of his mentors who dubbed him by the name of the famous Canadian country singer "Hank Snow". Neville was a product of the reggae genre and spent a lot of his time paying homage to the pioneers by singing their songs. As the years rolled by Neville had a burning desire for his voice to be heard, however family obligations kept him silent. It was not until the nineties that all that was reverberating in his soul took life and the cd "Keep The Fire Burning" ensued. The album was well received and the title track, "Mr Biggs" helped to propel his efforts to global recognition and success. His efforts earned him a feature in the now defunct "Beat Magazine", which at that time was the world's leading reggae music publication. Not being one to flood the market with substandard work, Neville took a seven year hiatus and recently decided it was time to be heard again. His new release titled "Girl I Still Love You' is a song that is relatable as it deals with the realities of relationships. This song also depicts the heart and soul of a man who is not afraid to expose his humanness, and encourages others to do likewise. Music promotes culture, awareness, diversity, soul & unity and with his efforts Neville Bassey continues to echo the whispers of the universe

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