GGAA Presents US$5000 For 18 G/Gedeans Legal Defense

GGAA Presents US$5000 For 18 G/Gedeans Legal Defense

The Liberia Public Radio (LPR) can now confirm that the National Administration of the Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas (GGAA) has presented the amount of USD $5,000.00 to the Chairman of Grand Gedeh Legal Support Committee (GGLSC), Rev. Emmanuel K. Zabay, who is also the Head Pastor of the Good News Assembly of God Church in Monrovia, Liberia.

The GGAA Administration released a statement on August 5, 2013 morning breaking the news of the donation.

The LPR New England Bureau had since been tracking independent confirmation regarding the disbursement.

In a brief telephone interview, the Chairman of the Grand Gedeh Legal Support Committee told LPR that the amount was presented to the GGLSC by the National Secretary General, Jonathan Gayeachuway who is currently visiting Liberia.


According to Rev. Zabay, the presentation was made during a meeting of cross session of Grand Gedeans in Monrovia following a prompt announcement that GGAA number three man was in the city to deliver a special message from the National President, Tillman N. Collins, and the Grand Gedeans in the Americas.


At the presentation ceremony, Rev. Zabay praised the entire Membership of GGAA in the Diaspora for what he called the "Redemption of your fellow kinsmen".

It can be recalled during the last GGAA Presidential Elections it was a talking point of then candidate Fred T. Gywan and his campaign accusing the National Administration of not doing enough to extend helping hands to fellow Grand Gedeans.

Mr. Gwyan argued that the Collins administration was neglecting one of the reasons for which the organization was founded.


Following the statement of the GGAA released of the $5,000, our New England reporter reached out to Mr. Gwyan for his reaction. Message was left as Mr. Gwyan was unavailable. However, just about in half an hour, Mr. Gwyan returned our call.

In a brief conversation, Mr. Gywan said that he did see the released but noted it was unnecessary to comment on issues arising from the GGAA National Administration.


When pressed further as to what could be the reason, Gwyan indicated that his Team filed a complaint of elections fraud with the Board of Director, but that it was now almost two months that no one, including the Special Committee of five set up to probe the protest, nor the National Administration, has had the gut to address the situation.

He said further, "our case has been swept under the rug. Nevertheless, we are looking at them to do what is necessary."

Mr. Gwyan warned that it was not a good thing for the organization. On the issue of whether he, welcomes the GGAA cash donation to the Grand Gedeh Legal Support Team. There was no definitive word as to what his position was.


Meanwhile, the LPR has also extended the discussion to one of the critical voices of the 19 Grand Gedeans currently incarcerated by the Government of Liberia (GOL). He’s no other than Gibson Jerue who currently serving as GGAA North Dakota President and founder of the Grand Gedeh Concern Group.

In an interviewed via Skype, Mr. Jerue told LPR that issue of the incarcerated Gedeans has been his argument and will continue until justice is served. Asked whether he has accepted the appointment of President Tillman N. Collins as Chair to raise funds for the 18 Grand Gedeans, Mr. Jerue pointed out that this is beyond political bound, and so he was willing to do whatever he could to make sure that justice prevailed.

However, Mr. Jurue said further that he hopes to discuss little more details on the mandate of the committee, bearing in mind that there was a Presidential Committee before then.

"For example, who is this newly formed body liable to report? Is it to the GGAA National Administration or the GGLSC in Liberia," he asked.

Mr. Jerue outlined his concerns regarding the future of the committee. He even argued further that if money is raised now where will it be kept? "These are technical details that we must understand and be aware or in order to have a well functional and achieved structure," he added.

Further asked what role he would prefer to play, Jerue was tight lip. When pressed further, Mr. Jerue seems to rather serve as a "Consultant" to the committee.