OLM Election Frenzy: Who’s who!

OLM Election Frenzy: Who’s who!

Liberians and members of the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota (OLM) are mesmerized in and are playing along in a frenzy of the long-awaited election for members of the Board of Directors. Predictions are flying around, and many are optimistic that today’s election will produce yet another team of Board members. As our Executive Producer Alphonso Zean Soe reports, finishing touches are said to be in place for the polls in a matter of hours.

Liberians in the twin cities are said to be gearing and trooping to the OLM election centers to cast their ballot for members of the Board of Directors. Latest report coming out of the twin-cities of Minneapolis, says OLM members are converging at polling center to cast their ballot.

In a brief telephone conversation, the current Executive Director of OLM Mr. Wyane Douglas Doe said he’s very optimistic that the process will be peaceful, democratic, free and fair. He said the event was prearranged to be peaceful.

Observers say it is yet unclear to determine a clear winner. Pundits, who witnessed the debate pointed out that the contestants, including Torlah, Williams, Father Wilson and Dukuly could be potentially elected, but warned of what he called “Liberian syndrome of voting” may be a factor.

It can be re-called that the seven candidates vying for OLM Board membership had a face-off last Sunday in the City of Minnesota, with scores of electorates in attendance. The debate which was moderated by a veteran Liberian journalist, Mr. Patrick Kugmeh, produced a maximum marks that was anticipated. The key question is what impact will the debate have? The debate was relayed live on Voice of Gedeh with more 2,000 persons turning worldwide.  In related developments, the Chairman of the OLM Board Election Deacon G. Philip Zeon, Sr. told “VOG” New England Bureau that the election hall is already prepared to get the process on the way. Asked when the process will officially get on the way Chairman, Philip told “VOG” that poll will open by 7:00 AM Midwest time to 7:00 PM follow by ballots count.

Asked how many voters were expected to turn out today, Chairman Zeon’s pointed out that voter registration forms were still out; therefore, it was impossible to target the number for now. According to him, "It is an open process, meaning individual(s) will continue the registration as well tomorrow."

"However, we do have records that will be compared with the incoming forms tomorrow. The OLM Board Election used the occasion to commend “VOG” for the recent reporting and praised network for its gesture and community involvement. By tomorrow 10:00 PM we know the five that will survive in the board election," he concluded.