Police Arrest Another Grand Gedean!

Police Arrest Another Grand Gedean!

The Government of Liberia continues to use different avenues and individuals local and national government elements to victimize Grand Gedeans. The latest is the illegal arrest and detention of Mr. Levi Taryon, a Grand Gedean who is a member of the Concerned Grand Gedeans advocating for the respect of the fundamental and constitutional rights of fellow 29 Grand Gedeans currently in jail.

Mr. Taryon is the Public Relations Officer of the Concerned Grand Gedeans Liberian branch. His only sin is his unrelenting voice calling on the Liberian Government to release the Grand Gedeans in jail.

His arrest and detention was ordered by Grand Gedeh County Superintendent Peter Solo. Elements of the Liberia National Police swamped to his arrest at Solo orders. Mr. Taryon is yet to be charged, and the first 48 hours provided under the Liberian law has elapsed without Taryon being formally charged by the police and taken to Court.

When contacted Sunday morning, Superintendent Peter Solo told our editor that he did not order Levi Taryon's arrest. "The man was just here with me last night. He came to beg for handout, how can anybody say I ordered the police to arrest him," Mr. Solo said.

When contacted also, Mr. Taryon's phone was off. According to Concerned Grand Gedean Liberia Chairman Augustine Jolo, Taryon's phone was taken from him by the police, searched and detained at the police depot in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County from morning to evening, although they did not physically put him behind bars.

Of the 29 Grand Gedeans, 18 are on trial for "Mercenarism" for their alleged complicity in the June 7, 2012 cross border attack on Nigerien UN troops in the Ivory Coast, killing seven and two Ivorian security officers.

The trial of the 18 Grand Gedeans was at the concluding stage with party litigants already concluded their production of witness and final argument was scheduled two days before Criminal Court "D" Judge Yusuf Kaba indefinitely suspended the case.

The Concerned Grand Gedeans in the Americas condemn the arrest of Mr. Levi Taryon. We believe that Peter Solo is being used by the Sirleaf regime to carry out surrogate action.

Mr. Taryon's right is guaranteed under the Liberian laws to speak out against the ills of the society. His freedom to make just and peace demands must be respected and we will hold Peter Solo and his boss President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf personally responsible for the safety of Mr. Taryon.