Zoes, Elders and Governors Advisory Constituted

Zoes, Elders and Governors Advisory Constituted

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has constituted a 25-member Advisory Council of Chiefs, Zoes, Elders and Tribal Governors of Liberia.

The Council is to advise the Ministry and help carry out robust outreach and engagement with traditional people throughout the country, especially on matters of the cultures, traditions, and customs of the land.

The Ministry wants the Council to work as a partner in its outreach program and reform of those areas of our culture and customs that require reform and change.

Members of the Advisory council include; River Gee County Paramount Chief James Pah-Saye, as Chairman; long-serving female culture leader Mama Sieh Tomah, co-Chair; and Governor Musu Kiadi-Thompson, member, among others representing the 15 counties of the Country.

The Assistant Minister for Customs and Culture will serve as Chair Ex-officio of the body.

The council is also charged with the responsibility to assist the Internal Affairs Ministry provide strategic direction and leadership to ensure coordination, management and supervision of cultural, traditional and customary affairs as well as all matters arising from tribal relationships.

The establishment of the Council is in line with section 25.2 of the Executive Law of 1971, which mandates the Minister of Internal Affairs to among other things manage all tribal affairs and matters arising from tribal relations.

Charles D.F. Jrateh, Director, Education & Information Bureau